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Sun Sister Fortune Telling Pin


Limited Edition of 150 - Individually stamped and numbered.


Behold the wondrous Sun Sister Fortune Telling Pin! This enchanted gem has the power to unlock hidden secrets about your very being that have been concealed from your awareness. With some practice it may even occasionally tell your fortune! Artist Daniel Benayun's Sun Sister Fortune Telling Pin is the solution to understanding yourself and the mysteries of the universe.



Hold the Sun Sister firmly in your hand and raise it towards the sun. Concentrate on the ambient sounds around you, including the wind and other white noises. With careful listening, you may hear the Sun Sister whispering to you. The Sun Sisters have faith in your abilities and your future. As long as you keep the Sun Sister close to you, it will serve as a guide on your journey.



This Pin is made of weather resistant die cut metal.

Dimensions: 1.5 X 1.5 inches


Sun Sister Fortune Telling Pin Edition of 150

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