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Motorcycle Queen Silk Bandana


  • 100% Silk
  • Ochre geometric print twill
  • 24"W x 24"L


About the Motorcycle Queen Bandana

This Bandana depicts Bessie Stringfield. Known as the "Motorcycle Queen of Miami," Bessie was a pioneering African American motorcyclist who broke racial and gender barriers in the mid-20th century. She embarked on solo cross-country rides during a time when such endeavors were uncommon for women and people of color, earning her a place in motorcycle history.


A bandana can have many uses beyond a hair covering. It can be transformed into a face mask, a pocket square or when it is framed it will make a handsome wall decoration. Infact the original inspiration for Benayun to manufacture bandanas was during a visit to the historical society in Marthas Vineyard where he saw framed and adorned on the walls of this historic building bandanas that were handed out during Teddy Rosevelts election campaign in 1904. Benayun hopes that many who purchase his bandana will consider framing it and hanging it up on their walls.

Motorcycle Queen Silk Bandana

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