Monster Mash #4
Materials are Gouache and India Ink on Bristol paper.
Dimensions: 11x14 inches

Monster Mash #3 Is a painting and poem created by Benayun. The text reads: "The majority of life is invisible and there is more to the story than what meets the eye. Try to imagine the space between these words and the sky. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Methane are no surprise. They cover you in hair, they are apart of your life. We observe them daily with tiny glass eyes.You are the science guy, the girl with dark circled eyes. Your head swimming with romantic feelings you get. The panic induced anxietys that sleep in your chest. You breathe slow not to wake them up again. The nature of a living thing, the thoughts that send you dreaming. Where does thedust from the moon and your eyes go Surely they do not collect inthe corner of your room. These are some things you cannot see, the less than visible reality. "

All artwork is signed in pencil, or pen by the artist.
All artwork sold is original and one of a kind (not a print) unless otherwise stated.
Benayun reserves the right to reproduce all images sold, whether it be in
future publications or subsequent paintings.

If you have any questions about art, or would like to see additional photos please do not hesitate to contact me.

Monster Mash #4

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