Monster Mash #3
Materials are Gouache and India Ink on Bristol paper.
Dimensions: 11x14 inches

Monster Mash #3 Is a painting and poem created by Benayun. The text reads: "The air was dense like a barbeque in July. I was running like a spider on my treadmill. I was moving so fast that the silk from my dress was starting to tear. As I ran faster the pressure on the machine made the motor begin. begin to growl. The noise reminded me of my stomache which had been grumbling all night. Suddenly all of the seams of my dress erupted. They unwound from the treadmills belt out towards the refrigerator all the way into the other room. I pulled and stretched the silk with all my might forcing them off the refrigerator. As the final thread came loose from the door I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of relief. I opened the refrigerator as fast as I could and filled my belly up with everything inside it."

All artwork is signed in pencil, or pen by the artist.
All artwork sold is original and one of a kind (not a print) unless otherwise stated.
Benayun reserves the right to reproduce all images sold, whether it be in
future publications or subsequent paintings.

If you have any questions about art, or would like to see additional photos please do not hesitate to contact me.

Monster Mash #3

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