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Monster Mash #2
Materials are Gouache and India Ink on Arches paper.
Dimensions: 11x14 inches

The artwork in Monster Mash illustrates the spooky appearance of some of Hollywoods most memorable ghouls.The text on the art describes each characters down to earth characteristics and details about each of their specific styles of acting.


The text was created by Benayun and reads:

The Skeleton mans pivotal role was in Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness. Sam Raimi explained that the Skeleton Man would work for next to nothing. As he put it “A cheap date”. Often times Skeleton actors and actresses have very low standards of living. They require no food and their living areas are graveyards which are free of rent during the afterlife.Dracula is Hollywoods sweetheart. Some of his roles include The Lost Boys, The Muppets and of course his breakout role Dracula. The count has always been high maintenance and has the strictest filming schedule and dietary requirements. The Devil appears often, but curiously presents himself in subtle ways. Take Rosemarys Baby or most recently VVitches for example. Is he camera shy? Is this a licensing issue? No one really knows the true reason behind the actors bizarre behaviors.All that is known is that he is an enigma and certainly one hell of an actor. When hes not acting he spendsmuch of his free time in Bermuda with his family enjoying the finer things in life like volleyball and golf.things in l

All artwork is signed in pencil, or pen by the artist.
All artwork sold is original, made by hand, and one of a kind. This is not a print unless stated otherwise.
Benayun reserves the right to reproduce all images sold, whether it be in
future publications or subsequent paintings.

If you have any questions about art, or would like to see additional photos please do not hesitate to contact me.

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