Lucky Mercury Men Keychain

Ketchup & Mustard Limited Edition of 100

This item is rare. Each Mercury Men Keychain is individually numbered on the back. Only 100 Ketchup and Mustard editions will ever be produced. Each Keychain is embossed and stamped.
Leave it to the Lucky Mercury Men to guard your keys and imbue your day with vibrance and fortune.


A message from Benayun: "Carry the Mercury Men with you at all times! Each Mercury Men Keychain is made from minerals I personally mined off-world. These minerals from other planets imbue this rare keychain with pure magic. The Mercury Men Keychain has been known to enhance the users overall wellbeing and quality of life."
Dimensions: 2 X 2.5 Inches.
Each metal enamel keychain comes bagged in packaging designed by the artist.
The Keychains are made of the highest quality materials, and have a weather and damage resistant semi gloss coat.
More photos of the pin and packaging are available from this page. Please click the arrows over the picture.

Lucky Mercury Men Keychain Edition of 100

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