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  • 100% Silk
  • Ochre geometric print twill
  • 24"W x 24"L


The Benayun bandana showcases gentle ochre and peach hues, drawing inspiration from anthropology, insects, and 1950s hairstyles. In addition to figurative imagery, the silk print is adorned with hand-drawn text referencing mid-century themes, including vintage baseball team logos, ensuring a visual delight.


A bandana boasts versatile utility beyond a mere hair accessory. It can seamlessly transform into a face mask, a pocket square, or, when framed, become a splendid wall decoration. In fact, Benayun's initial motivation to produce bandanas emerged during a visit to the historical society in Martha's Vineyard, where he encountered framed bandanas from Teddy Roosevelt's 1904 election campaign adorning the walls. Benayun aspires for many bandana buyers to contemplate framing and displaying their bandanas as unique wall art.

Abendrot & Washy Silk Bandana

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